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Not here, but over at Glow in the Woods. I have decided to step off and let in some new blood. I feel I have said yabbled a lot and it has been great therapy for me, but all the poor ears/eyes I have tortured! I do feel I have run out of things to say but maybe it is jus a phase I am going through and I may be back with a vengence.

I still have this blog, where I had come here to just pour everything out, where I received much support and understanding. Please allow me to repeat again, I am SO very grateful.


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What are you? Party animal? Recluse? In-between?

I’ve a new post up at Glow today… …

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new post over at Glow today.

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An interview with my chrio over at Glow today.

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Today I write about a different type of betrayal, over at Glow.

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After taking a two-month break from Glow in the Woods (thanks to lovely Loribeth who contributed a most moving and beautiful guest post, and my friend Mani who offered up the first lesson, giving us a perspective from the point of a midwife), I am back with a new post today. Do visit if you have time.

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seasonal post

Usually, when I start the car engine, the radio comes on and my dial is almost always set to NPR. But sometimes I am not interested in what they are discussing and I will try for a different station. And there is a holiday station, that has been playing holly jolly songs since November. That drives me nuts.

The ho-ho-ho of this supposedly merry season wears me down. I just want to hibernate, and enjoy some quiet, not jingle-bell rock or whatever tra-la-la’s.

It’s not that I dislike winter, or hate the holidays. Actually, I love winter. I am no grinch, I can reassure you of that three times over. I guess I am just getting old. Or maybe this season is overly commercialized and I have become overly self-righteous.

In any case, what I have been thinking about this season is more of the darkness and the light. I have explored it in today’s post over at GITW, if you may be inclined to read.

Also, since this is a seasonal post, I thought I would share with you a picture of my girls in a silly mood, perhaps all buzzed out from the holiday decorating and the holiday jingles. I hope you will enjoy this picture, and many warm greetings, from this crazy household (in every sense of the word) to yours–

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